Friday, December 16, 2016

Lamma Island and The Peak at Sunset

16 Dec 2016 Fri

We had an early start because we wanted to catch the 9.30am ferry to Lamma Island. But the kind folks at Pier 4 waited for us when they saw us running and so we to get onto the 9.10am ferry instead.

Weather was terribly cold but good for serious trekking. At Yung Shu Wan Pier ( 30mins later ), we had a sumptuous dim sum breakfast at the pier. It was a good start because for the next 3 hours, we had nothing with us except our water and 2 muesli bars.

Our walk from Yung Shu started easy until we opted to see the wind turbines. It was a long arduous ascent and knocked the wind out of me. The scenery at the pavilion near the wind turbine as astounding and it sort of made me forgave Pat for suggesting the walk.

We though it was a downhill walk from the wind turbine station, but soon it was uphill climb all the way after the Hung Shing Yeh beach. I wondered who called it a Family Walk when the slope made it impossible to push a buggy at all. At the highest point, an enterprising young chap was selling ice Popsicles and frozen pineapples. The stop also has a lovely lookout point with chairs thrown in for good measure.

After our popsicle, we proceeded with the grind until very near Sok Kwu Wan Bay the land flattened out finally.

Lunch was a simple affair at Lamma restaurant. At 288 Hkd, it was not a good deal. The portions were small, food lacks flavor though beer and tea were complimentary. I was full of praise for the Gulo Pork though.

We took the 2.35pm ferry back to Central. I left behind my brand new walking stick and even recalling it now fills me with full of regret. It had been a trusty cane and helped propped me through most of my walks.

We reached HK Pier 4 at around 3pm and connected to Bus 15 which would take us to the Peak. It was a slow one hour bus ride. The bus laboriously overcame gravity as the entire busload clung on patiently and waited for the end of the journey at the Peak Galleria.

We took many shots of the surrounds, both views of the Tai Tam reservour in the setting sun and HK Harbour front part illuminated and part in the shadow of Victoria Peak was awesome!

We waited until sundown when the city was lit up and took the last photos of the harbor city before heading back to town.

Pat checked out  his trusty MapMe and alighted at the foot of the hill where he led us to Hennessy Road. Kam’s Roast goose had a long queue and we would not stand waiting out for our food. Nearby, we sated our craving for goose at nondescript Joy Hing round the corner and enjoyed the din and good cheer while having our dinner ( goose roast meat, charsiew, chicken, veg, rice at 240 Hkd ). Food wasn’t expertly presented, goose not tender enough and roast pork cold but the char siew saved the meal.

We squeezed ourselves up the eastbound Ding Ding home, among the tired throng.

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